Healthy and Ready to Learn

Working at the intersection of health and education.

Our Healthy and Ready to Learn initiative promotes student success by increasing access to health resources, promoting trauma sensitivity, and building positive school climates. We address health needs rooted in social, racial, and economic inequities by equipping communities with strategies and tools to promote a child’s health and wellbeing in schools.


Healthy and Ready to Learn was developed in 2014 by the Children’s Health Fund to address health issues that impact student learning and attendance.  We partner with New York City elementary schools across all five boroughs and Puerto Rico to implement a comprehensive school-based model that provides school communities with health services, education, resources, and protocols. Our program has expanded to include technical assistance, training, an online resource and training center, and local and national advocacy.


We partner with communities using an approach that is strengths-based, whole-family oriented, equity-focused, trauma-sensitive, and data-driven.

For educators, we provide in-person and virtual training and technical assistance to promote a trauma-sensitive and healing-centered school environment.

For families, we strive to increase agency by fostering a community of conversation and creating accessible materials to support their health and wellness.

For students, we focus on building positive relationships with trusted adults and providing tools for self-managing stress and anxiety.

See this video to learn about our support to school communities during the pandemic.