New Orleans, Louisiana


The New Orleans Children’s Health Project (NOCHP), a collaboration between Children’s Health Fund and Tulane University School of Medicine, was formed as part of the initial Hurricane Katrina disaster response and continues to deliver compassionate, high-quality care to disadvantaged and medically underserved children in Orleans and Jefferson parishes where they live, play, and learn. Through our long-term commitment in the area and word-of-mouth referrals in the community, we have become a trusted health organization with local residents. Our area of expertise is in providing high-quality, culturally-sensitive care to the most vulnerable children in the region.

Thirty-nine percent of children in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes live in poverty. These children rarely receive or have access to the full spectrum of health care services that they need; some do not receive care at all. Our patients are between the ages of 0 and 24 years old, with 63% identifying as Hispanic/Latino and 19% as Black/African-American. Eighty-four percent of our patients are uninsurable, 15% have Medicaid, and 1% are uninsured but eligible for insurance. These children and their families face a host of challenges to obtaining high quality care, including limited transportation, lack of insurance, language barriers, and an acute shortage of bilingual health professionals in the community. Due to rapid population shifts across the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina, many of our patients are immigrant and asylum-seeking children. The majority of these children have complex medical and social needs, having received little or no routine pediatric care in their countries of origin.

On a regular schedule, the NOCHP team travels to clinics and school-based health center to provide care for vulnerable kids who otherwise would not access healthcare. Our team includes Spanish-speaking providers and a case manager—typically not otherwise avail- able to families in the area, but who are critical to meeting the complex needs of local families living in poverty.

Our care goes beyond what is traditionally considered to be in the scope of medical services. Utilizing a trauma-informed, culturally-sensitive approach, the NOCHP team not only provides acute and chronic primary medical care services, but also ensures that children who are in need of food, legal services, education, transportation, sub-specialty care, mental health support, or other social services are able to access these critical needs.

Affiliated Medical Center:


Medical Director:

Kim Mukerjee, MD, MPH

Available Services:

  • Comprehensive well-child checkups, which include screenings for vision, hearing, dental pain, asthma, hunger, severe social stress, and mental health/behavioral health conditions
  • Asthma / allergy / immunology subspecialty care
  • Case management
  • Patient health education and community outreach
  • Referrals to subspecialty care