The Nevada Children’s Health Project (NVCHP), in partnership with Nevada Health Centers, Inc. (NVHC), provides comprehensive health care services to children and families in both the Las Vegas area and the most geographically isolated communities throughout the state.

Serving Communities in Need: Between NVCHP’s mobile medical clinic and fixed site clinics, NVCHP aims to provide comprehensive health care services to Nevada’s most underserved children. In Nevada, the child poverty rate has steadily increased. Twenty-two percent of children -- almost 1 in 4 -- live in poverty, up from 13% in 2008. With respect to overall child well-being, as reported in the 2016 Annie E Casey Kids Count report, Nevada’s children do poorly, ranking 47th overall in the U.S. Additionally, Nevada’s children rank 49th in education and 40th in overall health.

The mobile medical clinic primarily sees children and adolescents ages 0-21 in the greater Las Vegas area -- many of which are homeless or have been victims of human trafficking. Initial findings indicate that as many as 35% of the homeless teens in Vegas are victims of human trafficking, making them even more reticent to access the care they so desperately need. In 2018, patients seen by NVCHP were 50% Hispanic/Latino, 21% White, and 13% Black/African-American.


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Affiliated Medical Center:


Chief Medical Officer, Nevada Health Services, Inc.:

Ali Shahin, MD

Available Services:

  • Well-child and adolescent care including primary care, dental care, and mental/ behavioral health screening, evaluation, and treatment
  • Tele-mental health for patients in remote areas
  • Testing & treatment for sexually transmitted infections
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Lab testing
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