Mobile Medical Clinic

Since launching its first mobile medical clinic in 1987, Children's Health Fund has pioneered the use of mobile doctors' offices to bring care directly to kids where they live, study and play. The mobile clinics are fully equipped with examining rooms, waiting areas, a nurse's station, and a room for medical procedures. In addition to our primary care clinics, we provide specialized mobile clinics focusing on dental services and mental and emotional health.



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Dedicated pediatricians provide comprehensive patient centered care, including primary, preventive, and acute care, regardless of ability to pay.



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Nurses provide comprehensive clinical care to patients, while evaluating a child's overall development and health. They also provide guidance and support to families.

social worker


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Social Worker

Children's Health Fund project social workers address issues that on exacerbate medical conditions by helping families connect with outside social services such as free legal aid, housing and job banks. In addition to providing group, individual and family counseling, the social worker may refer patients to psychologists or psychiatrists for additional care.

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Nutritionists address the epidemic of childhood obesity and other nutritional problems by providing patients and their families with nutritional counseling to help them maintain a healthy weight, critical in the prevention of associated conditions such as early onset type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

mental health practitioner

Psychologists and psychiatrists evaluate and treat patients and their families affected by conditions associated with poverty, unemployment, domestic violence, and homelessness. Providers treat conditions such as clinical depression and posttraumatic stress disorder by conducting psychosocial needs assessments, crisis intervention, group and individual counseling, and providing referrals for outside intensive counseling and hospitalization for crisis situations.

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Mental Health Practitioner
Health Educator
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Health Educator

Given the busy schedules of the Children's Health Fund project physicians and nurses, health educates can work more extensively with patients in group or individual sessions about prowling and maintaining good health and preventing negative behaviors. Promoting health literacy with children helps facilitate healthy lifestyles, as they get older.

referral care manager


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Referral Care Manager

During medical visits, the Referral Care Manager provides families with the assistance they need to access specialty services, including appointment scheduling, telephone reminders to parents, transportation to appointments as need, and communication between primary care and specialty care providers.

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The Registrar signs in patients on the mobile medical clinic using a sophisticated Electronic Health Records system that efficiently and confidentially tracks medical histories, physical examinations, insurance needs, and other valuable patient information.

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