June 12, 2020

Our Urgent Response for Children and Families

When public health crises strike, it’s kids who often suffer the most, especially kids living in marginalized communities. Whether it’s a flood, hurricane, or epidemic, Children’s Health Fund is committed to both responding fast and staying for the long haul. To ensure we can both act quickly and have the resources to be there for children and families tomorrow, with a generous gift of $2 million from the PepsiCo Foundation, Children’s Health Fund created the COVID-19 Community Emergency Response and Recovery Fund.

As of today there are over 2 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 110,000 deaths in the United States alone. And while infection and death rates have plummeted in some states, they are still on the rise in many others.  As preventative and mitigation measures, social distancing, self-isolating, and self-quarantine are important steps to stop the spread of the virus. However, the looming long-term impacts of this pandemic are just as concerning; loss of wages, closed schools, dwindling food supplies, and individual trauma must be addressed as well. The burden will be even greater in low-income and resource-limited communities, many of which are served by our National Network partners and Healthy and Ready to Learn programming

Support Families Impacted by COVID-19

Against this unprecedented challenge, our COVID-19 Community Emergency Response and Recovery Fund allows us to:

  • Increase access to COVID-19 screening and testing at over 20 of the clinics and healthcare programs we support across the country;
  • Address the emotional trauma children and families are experiencing as well as help mitigate the financial challenges and lost learning opportunities that are a result of this pandemic;
  • Partner with schools and community-based organizations to support efforts that address the needs of the students, school staff and community partners;
  • Advocate for policies that support the emergency response efforts and ensure that the needs of the most marginalized individuals and families are lifted up;
  • Support our clinical partners in continuing to provide healthcare to children and families as they recover from the pandemic;
  • Together with our partner the National Center for Disaster Preparedness, ensure state-of-the-art information is provided to families, community-based organizations, and our National Network partners.

Corporate and Foundation Donations Needed Now

More funding is needed to help us address the extraordinary health, social, and financial needs countless families and children will experience as this crisis unfolds. We are calling on our corporate and foundation leaders to show their generosity in this time of unprecedented crisis. Contact for further information.