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Are You a Champion Too? By Dennis Walto, CEO

We were blown away by the tremendous demonstration of care and support on display at our annual benefit, which took place last week in New York City. Over 400 people came together to learn more about our work and pay tribute to our honorees, collectively raising nearly $1 million! Athletic all-stars Allyson Felix, Katelyn Ohashi, […]


The March Madness Attendance Challenge

To do well in school children must be in attendance. Children’s Health Fund’s Healthy and Ready to Learn program, used innovation and creativity to help eliminate absences. On the morning of the second day of March, the hallways at PS 36 were humming with excitement. In fact, more children aged 3-12 eagerly made their way […]

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We Took Our Patients’ Voices to DC By Dennis Walto, CEO

Children’s Health Fund is committed to ensuring kids can access healthcare whenever they need it. That’s why every year we make sure the voices of our medical providers across the country echo powerfully in Washington DC and are heard loud and clear by our nation’s elected officials. At our Spring Advocacy Conference last week, we […]

NEW YORK - APRIL 19:  Karen Redlener, executive director of Children's Health Fund speaks about the kick off Connect Kids to Care at Children's Health Fund's New York Program on Monday, April 19, 2010. The program will help support CHF's goal of providing half a million health care visits to disadvantaged children nationwide. (Bronx, NY) (Photo by Mark Von Holden/WireImage for Clorox)

Our EntreprenHER, Karen Redlener

Some people have a rare ability to make visions come to life. They create tangible solutions to fix a dire need or gap that exists in the world. This spark of creation, the ability to make something out of nothing takes determination, endless resolve, and even a bit of magic. Karen Redlener, co-founder of Children’s […]


A Standout Nurse Practitioner Stands For Children

It’s hard to believe that even in a U.S. metropolis of four million people, there are still swaths, entire neighborhoods, where people and children are going without basic preventative care, let alone urgent medical care. And yet, this is the reality in Los Angeles. This Women’s History Month, we honor Michele Rigsby Pauley, a star […]


We Would Not Be Here Without the Civil Rights Movement

This Black History Month, it’s important to reflect on the urgency of health care access in the black community and the strong legacy that ties this deeply essential work to the civil rights movement. Activists during the civil rights era recognized poverty as a major hurdle to achieving equality and other basic rights–such as healthcare–and […]