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Kids’ COVID Vaccine: Myths vs. Facts

COVID vaccines are now available to children ages 12 and older in the U.S., and trials for younger ages are underway. But misinformation about the vaccines’ safety is still widespread. When it comes to vaccinating children, concerns can be even more intense, especially for parents and caregivers. So what is true and what isn’t? We

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Statement on Immigration Policy and the Unique Needs of Immigrant Children

The United States has not seen wide-sweeping immigration legislation in 35 years. Meanwhile, unaccompanied children and youth, seeking refuge from violence and poverty in their home countries, continue making the long, arduous journey to the U.S.-Mexico border. Children often arrive with health issues that need immediate attention, after these dangerous crossings. The federal government is

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The Mental Healthcare Shortage Facing Kids

As the pandemic hit, kids were suddenly faced with major disruptions to their support systems and stability. Children have experienced isolation from friends and school communities. Adding to this are parents’ job losses and financial strain leading to food insecurity and increased risk of homelessness; grief from the loss of loved ones; high COVID infection

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Telehealth Services and COVID-19 Response Efforts to Expand for Children in Rural North Carolina Schools

A $100,000 grant from the Baxter International Foundation will address barriers to healthcare and pandemic needs in McDowell and Avery Counties New York – Children’s Health Fund today announced funding from the Baxter International Foundation to continue and expand telehealth services and COVID-19 response services for students in North Carolina’s rural McDowell and Avery Counties. The

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