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Challenges and Solutions for the Children of Detroit


Two compelling news stories – written by the same reporter and published on the same day – show how great the challenges are for kids in Detroit, and how Children’s Health Fund is working to be part of the solution.

An in-depth study by the Detroit News found that the city is America’s deadliest for children. Premature births and violence have propelled the child death rate there to 120 out of 100,000; no other American city has a rate over 100.

“Kids in Detroit face greater-than-average health risks from the moment they are conceived,” writes reporter Karen Bouffard. She notes that the city’s children are threatened by health problems ranging from flu and asthma to chronic stress and gun violence.

In the second story, Bouffard profiles how our Detroit program, in partnership with Henry Ford Health System, finds innovative ways to get health care to some of the city’s most vulnerable kids.

The mobile clinics visit children at their schools on a weekly basis. They work closely with the school nurses to make sure kids don’t fall through the cracks on days when a mobile unit isn’t there.

When mobile clinic staffers noticed that many of their young patients were responsible for taking their own medicines, they started providing picture-based instructions that a child can understand. When families said they were having a hard time filling prescriptions, the team launched a prescription delivery program.

The Detroit program recently added a second mobile clinic, increasing the number of schools it can serve. A healthy child is better able to focus on school and has a better chance of success in life. We believe in Detroit’s kids. Working together, we can all create a brighter future for them.

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