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A Doctor for Every Child

For too many children in poor rural and urban areas, there is no consistent, quality health care in their lives. The problem may be transportation, insurance, or language and cultural barriers. The end result is too often the same. Children lack the essential health services to grow and thrive. In the most heartbreaking scenarios, they develop life-threatening illnesses—or lifelong conditions—needlessly, for want of decent health care.

For over 25 years, Children’s Health Fund has been battling barriers to health care for homeless and other low-income children. Out of that fight has come innovative solutions. Our “Blue Bus,” a pediatric mobile medical clinic, draws children and families for curbside checkups and treatments. It may sound unorthodox. When necessary, it is. To ensure underserved children get the health care they need, sometimes caregivers must go to the children.

Our flagship program is in New York City, where Children’s Health Fund was founded.  Over the years, Children's Health Fund has expanded health care service from the original mobile health care for kids in homeless shelters to include a campus of medical clinics in the South Bronx that anchor our homeless service as well as a school-based clinic in Harlem.