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Family Fun Day in Brick, NJ Helps a Community Recovering from Hurricane Sandy

The art table was a major attraction for Family Fun Day attendees.

President Obama's Budget: Finally Good News (Mostly) for Kids

Irwin Redlener, MD, Co-founder and President and Paul Simon, Co-founder

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Family Fun Day Brightens a Saturday for Sandy Survivors in Brooklyn

Kids in Motion at Family Fun Day

Brooklyn, New York residents affected by Hurricane Sandy piled into The Gerritsen Beach School, PS 277, on a recent Saturday for a day of healthy fun sponsored by Children’s Health Fund, Heart 911, Gerritsen Beach Cares, and the New York Innovative Theatre Awards.  Funding from Children’s Health Fund’s Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund helped make the day possible.

Statement by Irwin Redlener, MD on President Obama's State of the Union Address

Irwin Redlener, MD, Co-founder and President and Paul Simon, Co-founder

“The president made a strong case for universal early education in America, along with raising the minimum wage. But his commitment to eliminate extreme poverty and save children from preventable deaths was focused on children of the world. All of this is, of course, laudable.

USA TODAY Op-Ed by Irwin Redlener and Paul Simon

Irwin Redlener, MD, Co-founder and President and Paul Simon, Co-founder

(

Congress Averts the Fiscal Cliff but Looming Budget Cuts Still Threaten Vulnerable Children

by Caroline DeRosa, Senior Director, Policy & Advocacy

Happy New Year! Although it almost wasn’t a very positive start to the year as the country teetered on the fiscal cliff.

The Perfect Gift (Guest Blogger Gregory Irace, Sanofi US)

Gregory Irace, President & CEO, Sanofi US Services Inc., and chair of Children's Health Fund's Corporate Council for America's Children.

Like many of you, I watched the 12.12.12 Hurricane Sandy concert on TV, which featured Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, Jon Bon Jovi, Billy Joel and many other musicians who are on my iPod playlist.

The Fiscal Cliff: What Does it Mean for Children?


The elections are behind us, but Congress still has important work to finish this year.  Unless lawmakers act, the country will face what is being referred to as the "fiscal cliff", an unprecedented combination of across-the-board tax increases and major budget cuts. Over the next several weeks, difficult decisions will have to be made regarding federal budget priorities in order to enact a more moderate substitute plan to replace the severe, automatic cuts currently scheduled to take place at the start of the year.

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