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“Children’s Health Fund does incredible work”: Aaron Neville on his recent fundraising campaign


Musical legend Aaron Neville knows how important medical care is to children with asthma: he’s suffered from the disease his whole life. That's why he decided to help bring doctors to kids in need by launching a personal fundraising campaign for Children's Health Fund late last year.

Phoenix Program, NASCAR Foundation Celebrate a Healthy Crews’n Healthmobile

Much-needed repairs will keep the Crews'n Healthmobile running smoothly through Phoenix's summers. Left to right: Stu Grant, Goodyear; Dr. Randy Christensen, Phoenix Children's Health Project; Marivi Bryant and Jamie Davis, NASCAR Foundation; Kelly Rigney, Children's Health Fund

The NASCAR Foundation Keeps the Motor Running for Crews’n Healthmobile in Phoenix

Going to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at Phoenix International Raceway this weekend? Come tour the Crews’n Healthmobile on Sunday, March 2nd outside the gates between 11 AM and 1 PM!

Homeless Kids Need Best Care, Doctor Khaw Tells Council

Dr. Khaw (center) addresses the committee.

Left homeless by Superstorm Sandy, a Queens mom and three kids are moved to temporary housing in the Bronx. They lose access to the health services they knew and used. Not surprisingly, their health goes into decline.

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, Surgeon

Daniel Hale Williams quote

When a young Chicagoan was stabbed in the chest one hot night in 1893, it could easily have been a death sentence. Luckily for James Cornish, he was rushed to surgeon Daniel Hale Williams.

Williams cut through Cornish’s rib cartilage and repaired a gash in the pericardium – the membrane covering the heart. It was one of the earliest successful heart operations.

Dr. Olivia Hooker, Psychologist

Dr. Olivia Hooker has dedicated much of her long career to understanding and helping children with developmental disabilities. As a survivor of the Tulsa Race Riots of 1921, she’s also campaigned to raise awareness of that terrible event and seek reparations for the victims.

Gerritsen Beach Residents Keep Moving Toward Recovery

It’s been 16 months since Superstorm Sandy barreled into the East Coast. Outwardly, Brooklyn’s Gerritsen Beach looks normal. Valentine’s Day decorations fill the windows of the modest homes on side streets. The houses and yards seem cared for.

John Swett Rock: Dentist, Doctor, Lawyer, Abolitionist

John Swett Rock

John Swett Rock grew up in the 1830s in New Jersey. In an era when many black children were sent out to work for a living, his parents were committed to keeping him in school. He repaid them with a brilliant career, studying his way to certification as a dentist, doctor and lawyer.

Transportation Still a Stumbling Block on Road to Care, Our Research Finds

The Affordable Care Act helps children from low-income families get health care, and that’s a good thing. But some of those children still have trouble seeing a doctor – because their families lack transportation. That’s the conclusion of a research letter published by Children’s Health Fund scholars in JAMA Pediatrics, a peer-reviewed journal from the American Medical Association..

Sarah Loguen Fraser, Pioneering Doctor

Sarah Loguen Fraser’s childhood home in Syracuse, NY, was a stop on the Underground Railroad. Over the years, her parents harbored some 1,500 people fleeing north to escape slavery. Many arrived sick or injured, and Fraser grew up tending to their needs. She resolved to learn medicine in order to help people more.

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