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Why Giving to Children's Health Fund is Right For Me

by Mary Alice Schiller, CHF Yankees Home Run Club Member

Mary Alilce Schiller, Long-time supporter of Children's Health Fund's Yankee Home Run ClulbMy name is Mary Alice Schiller and I have been a proud CHF donor for 20 years and counting.  I’m not a fabulously wealthy philanthropist, nor am I incredibly famous or the CEO of a multinational company; I’m your average full-time worker wanting to give something back to children in need.  

I learned about CHF at my first job post-college while listening to local DJ, and then CHF advisory boardmember, Dave Herman who was promoting CHF and Don Mattingly’s Yankees Home Run Club.  I was intrigued: Don Mattingly was my favorite Yankee at the time (and in my all-time Top 3) and if he had a club that raised money for needy children, I wanted in.  I pledged $1 of my entry-level salary for every home run the Yankees hit in the 1990 season, and promptly signed up the next season and the one after that.  When Don Mattingly passed the Home Run Club torch to Bernie Williams (also in my Top 3), I upped my per-homerun donation.  Two of my favorite Yankees who I respected on and off the field had chosen to head up this endeavor; and I knew then that I was sticking around for the long haul.

Making Jerry Garcia Proud

by Mike Marzen, Development Associate, Children's Health Fund

Last Sunday, I spent the afternoon listening to the Lead Heads—America’s only teen Grateful Dead cover band – who organized a benefit concert for the Children's Health Fund at legendary NYC venue, the Bitter End.  This was the second year in a row that the Lead Heads have helped CHF by raising money and awareness for the Fund by packing the venue with people interested in our cause.  Check out some pictures from the event on CHF’s facebook page.

Yankees Hit a Home Run with CHF!

by Caitlin McFeely, Communications Associate, Children's Health Fund

I’m a huge Yankees fan – in my family, you are born one.  Given the extent of my loyalty, you can imagine how excited I was when I started working at CHF and learned about CHF’s Yankees Home Run Club.  The club was started by Yankee legend Don Mattingly (Donnie Baseball!) in 1988 to raise money and awareness for CHF’s programs.  Over the years, thanks to the generous support of loyal Yankee/CHF fans, the Club has grown to over 60 members and has raised more than a million dollars! 

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