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Kids and Asthma: How You Can Help

Walter Schmidt fundraiser Children's Health Fund

Aaron Neville sang. Walter Schmidt rode his bike. But you can use almost any activity or event to raise money to help kids with asthma!

Molina's asthma rap video aims to help teens get their symptoms under control

Check out this great asthma video for teens – complete with an asthma rap!

 Asthma teen rap video from Molina Healthcare

Baton Rouge's Ingrid Cook Honored With REAL Award

We’re excited to announce that Ingrid Cook, the wonderful nurse practitioner from our Baton Rouge program, has won the REAL Award from Save the Children & Frontline Health Worker Coalition.

Cook (r) with Dr. Shaun Kemmerly, Medical Director of the Baton Rouge program

The REAL Award honors "healthcare workers who are saving lives every day around the world."

Racing to Help Kids


Jackie Rodriguea and Arielle Mishkin teamed up to raise money for Children's Health Fund.
Jackie at the finish line; Ari racing

Start a personal fundraiser for Children's Health Fund!

Arielle Mishkin and Jacqueline Rodriguez recently went the extra mile for Children’s Health Fund – or 13.1 miles, to be precise.

Baby Care: Dr. Delaney Gracy Covers the Basics in Parents Magazine Videos

Dr. Delaney Gracey offers tips for new parents in these baby health videos from Parents Magazine.
Dr. Delaney Gracy offers advice on how to care for your new baby

If you're a new parent, you have a lot of questions about your baby's health. When is a cold just a cold, and when is it more serious? What if my baby hits her head? How do I know if my infant needs to go to the Emergency Room?

Phoenix Program, NASCAR Foundation Celebrate a Healthy Crews’n Healthmobile

Much-needed repairs will keep the Crews'n Healthmobile running smoothly through Phoenix's summers. Left to right: Stu Grant, Goodyear; Dr. Randy Christensen, Phoenix Children's Health Project; Marivi Bryant and Jamie Davis, NASCAR Foundation; Kelly Rigney, Children's Health Fund

The NASCAR Foundation Keeps the Motor Running for Crews’n Healthmobile in Phoenix

Going to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at Phoenix International Raceway this weekend? Come tour the Crews’n Healthmobile on Sunday, March 2nd outside the gates between 11 AM and 1 PM!

Homeless Kids Need Best Care, Doctor Khaw Tells Council

Dr. Khaw (center) addresses the committee.

Left homeless by Superstorm Sandy, a Queens mom and three kids are moved to temporary housing in the Bronx. They lose access to the health services they knew and used. Not surprisingly, their health goes into decline.

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, Surgeon

Daniel Hale Williams quote

When a young Chicagoan was stabbed in the chest one hot night in 1893, it could easily have been a death sentence. Luckily for James Cornish, he was rushed to surgeon Daniel Hale Williams.

Williams cut through Cornish’s rib cartilage and repaired a gash in the pericardium – the membrane covering the heart. It was one of the earliest successful heart operations.

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