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Detroit's writes about the launch of Clara, our second mobile medical clinic in the Motor City. The article quotes our Executive Director, Karen Redlener, along with Dr. Charles Barone from our local partner, the Henry Ford Health System, and Laura Whitley, a sixth-grader who wrote a thank-you letter to the staff of our first Detroit mobile clinic. Read it here.

Fox 2 News in Detroit covers the launch of our new mobile clinic. The story features interviews with Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), who was instrumental in helping Children’s Health Fund start and expand its mobile health project in Detroit, as well as Children's Health Fund Executive Director Karen Redlener and Dr. Elliott Attisha, medical director for the Detroit program. See the story.

WDIV-TV4's “Live in the D” reported on the official rollout of our second Detroit mobile clinic. Reporter Ashlee Baracy spoke with Dr. Elliott Attisha, medical director for the Detroit program, which operates in partnership with the Henry Ford Health System. Watch the story.

Here's a longer story from the Detroit station on the launch of our second mobile medical clinic in the city, "Clara." The story features interviews with Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), Dr. Elliott Attisha, the medical director for the Detroit program, and 6th-grader Laura Whitley. Watch it here.

"Teachers know that if students can't see the whiteboard, they will have trouble learning," writes Lisa Fleisher, covering the release of our "Crisis in the Classroom" report in the Wall Street Journal today. The story goes on to discuss the burden of untreated health care problems on city students, quoting both Children's Health Fund co-founder and president Irwin Redlener, MD, and New York City's head of school health, Roger Platt.

The NBC journalist and our president team up for a column on how treatable health problems hold kids back. Read it here - and then read Dr. Redlener's recent blog post on why the outcome of the government shutdown is crucial to kids' health.

New York City's NPR station, WNYC, reports on our "Crisis in the Classroom" survey. The story quotes our President, Dr. Irwin Redlener, and Council of School Supervisors and Administrators President Ernest Logan on the impact of treatable health problems like asthma on students and schools. Read it here.

With Obamacare taking effect across the land at the same time momentum builds for universal pre-Kindergarten, eminent journalist Jane Pauley and Dr. Redlener argue that it's time to bring the two trends together to ensure children are healthy and getting maximal benefit from their time in class.

Ensuring that children have the proper medical forms on file at school is a national challenge. Children's Health Fund has teamed up with the New York City Council of School Administrators (CSA) to tackle the problem, and now the CSA's parent union -- the American Federation of School Administrators -- has featured the campaign in its fall newsletter.

Here's how the story begins: interviewed CSA's Ernest Logan about the subway ad campaign we're co-sponsoring to inform parents about the importance of turning in school medical forms - especially if their children have asthma.