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As Dental Director of our Idaho project, Adam Hodges helps a lot of kids from low-income families get much-needed dental care. But he doesn't limit his efforts to his local community; he also travels to China to treat orphans. "I'm mission oriented," he tells in this profile.

Johnny was 18 months old before anyone realized he was deaf. Luckily, the condition was largely reversible – but the damage to his language development might not be. Now a boisterous 3-year-old, Johnny still struggles to form words.

Johnny lives with his mom in rural West Virginia, and money is tight. If they’d had access to early childhood screening, his story might look very different.

Sometimes helping someone else is a great way to help yourself, too.

That’s what kids discovered at our Valentine’s Day workshop in Gerritsen Beach earlier this month. Gerritsen Beach was hit hard by Superstorm Sandy in 2012, and many children there are still feeling the effects of damaged housing, financial loss and parental stress.

At the workshop, they made heart-shaped ornaments to send to people who experienced Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana. Children’s Health Fund has been helping members of the two storm-tossed communities exchange messages.

The Brooklyn Eagle sent a reporter to our Compassion Fatigue workshop in Gerritsen Beach for social workers, mental health professionals, activists and others who are participating in Superstorm Sandy recovery.
More than a year after the storm, local families are still feeling the financial and emotional impacts. Some are still in the process of repairing their houses; others who finished the repairs are now dealing with mold. Many have spent down their savings or accumulated debt.

This story and video focus on Dr. Elliott Attisha and his staff as they find ways to get children the health care, medicines, information and support they need to stay healthy.

Two compelling news stories – written by the same reporter and published on the same day – show how great the challenges are for kids in Detroit, and how Children’s Health Fund is working to be part of the solution.

An in-depth study by the Detroit News found that the city is America’s deadliest for children. Premature births and violence have propelled the child death rate there to 120 out of 100,000; no other American city has a rate over 100.

The NBC crew followed our mobile clinic serving homeless kids in New York City for several days, and filed this great story.

"When members of Congress debate whether to slash the food stamp program, they should ask if they really want more small children arriving at school having skipped breakfast," columnist Nicholas Kristof writes in his latest piece for the New York Times.

Appropriately, he quotes Children's Health Fund co-Founder and President Irwin Redlener, MD, who confirmed that cuts to the nutritional safety net will show up on kids' report cards.

The story and video emphasize the trusting relationship that develops between patients and the professionals on board the mobile clinic, which serves the teens of Orange County, Florida.

One year after Superstorm Sandy made landfall on the East Coast, Our Co-founder and President was interviewed by CBS News, Mother Jones and Al Jazeera America on the ongoing recovery effort and how well we are prepared for the next big storm.