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New Rochelle Patch, 1/25/12

Sitting in the parking lot of Temple Israel of New Rochelle Tuesday was a big blue RV-like vehicle.  The "mobile medical clinic" is owned and operated by the Children's Health Fund, an organization that provides state-of-the-art health care to, among others, children housed in New York City homeless shelters and their families. 

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CBS 5 Nov 14, 2011

Dr. Randy Christensen, Medical Director of the Phoenix Children’s Health Project (PCHP) explains the campaign to help underpriviledged children. Dr. Christensen; co-founders Paul Simon and Dr. Irwin Redlener; along with five other doctors from all over the country lend their voices to Children's Health Fund's Appeal to Congress, a video letter that aims to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves: our children.

Participants in Starting Right gather around a blender to learn how to make a healthy snack. (Photo courtesy Sandra Arévalo)New York In Focus November 6, 2011  
By Edward Small

Dion Williams, Health Coordinator of Forest Houses’ elementary after-school program, was in trouble. He’d just walked into the Forest Houses Community Center with a late-afternoon snack and instantly found himself at the center of a chorus of disapproval. The reason? His meal. It had been deemed unhealthy.

“I’ve got corn!” Williams protested. “Corn and tofu. I’ve got string beans. String beans are healthy!”

At least it was progress. Williams’ accusers were the children enrolled in Starting Right, a pediatric obesity-prevention and treatment program run at Forest Houses in collaboration with The South Bronx Health Center For Children and Families, a program of The Children’s Health Fund and The Children’s Hospital of Montefiore.

Pediatricians to Super Committee: Don't Cut BenefitsNew York (October 25, 2011) – Children’s Health Fund (CHF) released a video containing statements from legendary singer/songwriter and CHF co-Founder, Paul Simon, CHF President and co-Founder, Irwin Redlener, MD and Medical Directors from CHF programs across the country addressing the impact that potential cuts to Medicaid and CHIP would have on kids. CHF doctors provide pediatric care to some of the nation’s most medically underserved children and communities and have witnessed the critical impact of Medicaid and CHIP, the nation’s healthcare safety net programs.  Read more »

NEW ORLEANS, October 20, 2011 – The disappearance of reliable healthcare services in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina left many children with asthma no choice but to seek treatment in emergency rooms across town – if they sought care at all.

Fox News Latino September 11, 2011
By Bryan Llenas

On Tuesday morning September 11th, 2001 Paula Madrid was preparing to give a presentation on the treatment of trauma in a New York City hospital but she never made it to that appointment. Glued to the burning towers on her television, the 25 year-old newly qualified doctorate in clinical psychology called the Hospital.

Healthy Habit Advice from Bethenny Frankel: Cleaning at HomeDid you know sharing your healthy habits can help Children's Health Fund provide half a million checkups for children in need across the country?  Bethenny Frankel, supporter of the Check-in for Checkups program, shows you how.

Dr. Seth Ammerman, Medical Director, San Francisco Peninsula Children's Health ProjectDr. Seth Ammerman, Medical Director of the San Francisco Peninsula Children's Health Project looks back on fifteen years serving the Homeless youth of San Francisco. Here he shares one of the many success stories that come out of so many of our programs across the country. A child's life can be dramatically impacted by the health care and resources available to her.

The Miami Herald August 26, 2011
By Jon Silman

CHF Miami Moblie UniteUM’s Pediatric Mobile Clinic is back on track serving low-income communities after a donor gives $650,000 to keep it rolling for the next four years.

On a rainy Thursday morning, a big blue bus is parked in front of a Kendall library.
Inside, just about every inch is stuffed with medical supplies and beds and stethoscopes. Any leftover space in the bus that serves as a mobile clinic is for doctors, nurses and patients to squeeze by.

The Arizona Republic, August 21, 2011

Dr. Christensen shares his experiences on treating homeless children and young adults on the metropolitan streets of Phoenix.  

Dr Christensen, Phoenix Children's Health Project"There are more homeless kids coming since the economy started to be hit hard, but since 2006, we've seen the demand rise to what we think are unprecedented rates." - Dr. Randy Christensen, Medical Director, Phoenix Children's Health Project

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