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Carlos Naranjo Honored With Angel Award for Service to Latinos in Louisiana

In 1962, 15-year-old Carlos Naranjo stepped off a plane alone into a new life, leaving his entire family and all his friends in Cuba behind.   Since that day, Mr. Naranjo has committed his life to helping New Orleans’ most vulnerable children overcome adversity and go on to lead secure, healthy and successful lives, just like he has.

Children's Health Fund Honored for Transportation Leadership

Children’s Health Fund has been honored for its work in overcoming transportation challenges that keep children from getting medical care.

The Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) gave its Dr. Aaron Henry Award to the organization in June.

Some Sandy Survivors Are Finding it Hard to Go Back to the Beach

Most children in seaside towns love spending summers at the beach. But some who lived through Superstorm Sandy last year are struggling with new fears of water and the ocean.

Health Care for Immigrant Children is a Smart Investment: Report

Immigration reform is a hot topic on Capitol Hill – and Congress should seize the moment to extend health coverage to every child in America. That’s the conclusion of Children’s Health Fund’s report, “Why Immigrant Children Must Have Access to Health Care – and How to Get There.”

Bridging Distances with Telemedicine

The new technology allows mobile clinic doctors to share patient data with specialists far away.

This summer, Children’s Health Fund’s South Florida project will take mobile health care into a new dimension. Thanks to a generous grant and a lot of ingenuity from our partners at Verizon Foundation, telemedicine technology will enable Dr. Lisa Gwynn and her team to provide specialty care to kids right on the mobile medical clinic.

Superstorm Sandy: Recovery Takes Time

Riley Smith gets his asthma checked at the mobile clinic.

Recovering from a storm like Hurricane Sandy can be a long-term proposition, especially for families with children. In disaster response, urgent care, stabilization and cleanup always come first. But once the immediate danger passes, the less visible effects begin to emerge as parents and children must cope with the lingering and often devastating aftershocks of financial stress, emotional trauma and exhaustion.

Detroit Mobile Clinic Staffers Honored for Their Work

Dr. Elliott Attisha examines a patient on the mobile medical clinic.

The awards are rolling in for the medical staff on the Children's Health Fund mobile clinic in Detroit!

A Healthy Future for Immigrant Children Is a Healthy Future for the Nation

Irwin Redlener, MD, Co-founder and President and Paul Simon, Co-founder

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