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Soaring High with Volunteers from Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines Volunteers

Volunteers from Delta Air Lines spent a day painting apartments in need of a fresh coat of paint at a South Bronx homeless shelter where Children's Health Fund (CHF) provides care.  Their hard work helped create a more comfortable, clean and happy space for families who are often struggling.

Delta Air Lines also supports CHF through their sponsorship of the Yankees Home Run Club.  Thank you from the entire CHF family for your support and for a fun-filled afternoon!

Let’s Make Every Day National Child Health Day

Detroit Dental Mobile Unit Kid Exam
By Irwin Redlener MD, President & Co-Founder, CHF

Today, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) celebrates the 83rd annual National Child Health Day with theme of Helping Children Lead Healthy Lives. They have created a website featuring important resources that assist families in finding health care services including the 311 Prenatal Hotline, Insure Kids Now, Family-to-Family Health Information Centers, Text 4 Baby, Find a Health Center Locator and the Maternal and Child Health Program.

Congratulations to Dr. Isabel Pino, Medical Director, Children's Health Fund's West Virginia Children's Health Project

Dr. Pino Founders' Clinician Award Recipient

Karen Redlener, Executive Director, Children's Health Fund (CHF), Isabel Pino, MD, Medical Director, CHF's West Virginia Children's Health Project, and Irwin Redlener, MD, President/Co-Founder, CHF, gather during CHF's Spring Clinical Conference in Washington, D.C. for a very special presentation.  Dr. Pino received the 2011 CHF Founders' Clinician Award (supported by Schering-Plough Foundation) for her work serving the children and families of West Virginia for nearly 20 years.  Congratulations Dr. Pino and thanks for your hard work and dedication!

U.S. Census Shows Alarming Trends for Children and Families

by Deirdre Byrne, Director of Policy, Children's Health Fund

The U.S. Census released data on income, poverty and health insurance for 2010 and the news for children and families isn’t good.  The numbers tell the story of a country facing lasting effects of the economic downturn.  More children are facing poverty and millions are facing deep poverty. Children living in poverty are more likely to be uninsured, have fragmented health care access, do poorly in school, experience food insecurity and are more likely to experience poverty as an adult.

Checking-in for Checkups…More Than Half Way There!

Bethenny Frankel Checks-In
By Carol Sumkin, Senior Vice President, Development, Children's Health Fund

Back in June of this year, Children's Health Fund (CHF) and Clorox, along with New York Times best selling author Bethenny Frankel, launched Check-in for Checkups, a social media-driven campaign that challenges America to make healthy choices that benefit themselves and their families, while simultaneously contributing to the lives of others. Each time you “check-in” at or tweet the hashtag #checkinforcheckups Clorox donates 10 cents to CHF, up to $100,000. 

Congressional Super Committee Convenes to Cut $1.5 Trillion from Federal Budget; What Does it Mean for Kids?

by Deirdre Byrne, Director of Policy, Children's Health Fund

The summer recess behind them, Congressional members returned to Washington this week to tackle the next step in critical budget negotiations.  In August, Congress passed and the President signed a budget plan that cuts $1.1 trillion from the federal budget, starting in 2013.  As part of the agreement, a Joint Select Committee (Super Committee) was created to find an additional $1.5 trillion in spending cuts.  The Super Committee must pass this budget proposal by November 23rd and while the goal is $1.5 trillion in cuts, the proposal must cut the federal budget by at least $1.2 trillion.

Celebrating 15 Years on the Teen Health Van

Dr. Seth Ammerman, Medical Director, San Francisco Peninsula Children's Health Project
By Dr. Seth Ammerman, Medical Director, San Francisco Peninsula Children's Health Project

For the past 15 years, I’ve had one of the greatest jobs in the world. In September of 1996, I hopped on board as the medical director of the Teen Health Van for the San Francisco Peninsula Children’s Health Project, a partnership of Children’s Health Fund and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital.  The clinic on wheels was established to provide accessible, comprehensive health care to uninsured youth in the San Francisco Bay Area and as with all of CHF’s programs we wanted the Health Van to be a place our patients could depend on – a place where they knew they could see a doctor or nurse that they could trust.  Since we launched 15 years ago, our van has been just that for over 3,500 kids in the San Francisco area.

National Health Care for the Homeless Day in New York

by Deirdre Byrne, Director of Policy, Children's Health Fund

Every year, Children's Health Fund (CHF) and the New York Children’s Health Project (NYCHP) celebrate National Health Care for the Homeless Day in New York.  This year, as sponsors of the event at the federal office building in downtown New York, CHF and NYCHP participated in a half day forum that included several distinguished speakers and the presentation of the Health Care Heros award to Grace Padillo-Matthew, senior social worker at the NYCHP.  Grace works hand in hand with physicians on NYCHP’s mobile units, helping children and families navigate the emotional, logistical and bureaucratic challenges of being homeless in New York City.

Congratulations to Grace and all of the other heroes and "she"roes who do their best to help homeless children and families in New York every day.

What Does the Budget Deal Mean for Kids?

by Deirdre Byrne, Director of Policy, Children's Health Fund

After months of wrangling and posturing, Congress passed and President Obama is expected to sign a budget bill that allows the U.S. to meet debt obligations by raising the debt ceiling.  In exchange for lifting the debt ceiling, Congressional leaders agreed to a budget deal that aims to cut at least $2.1 and up to $2.4 trillion in federal government spending over the next ten years.  The deal would accomplish these savings in a series of steps:

News from Around the Network

By Delaney Gracy, MD, MPH, Acting Chief Medical Officer, Children's Health Fund

Happy summer blog readers!  We hope you are enjoying these summer months, staying cool and finding some time to relax with family and friends.

We thought you’d be interested in reading about some exciting awards, events & stories we’ve heard from our programs over the past few months.

Detroit’s Medical Director, Dr. Elliott Attisha was named one of Ambassador Magazine’s “Hot Docs” of 2011.  This annual contest highlights the work of Metro Detroit area doctors who are “reaching beyond the call of duty” and serving as leaders within the health care industry in Detroit.  Check out the great feature article on Dr. Attisha and the Children’s Health Project of Detroit.  Congrats to Dr. Attisha on the award!

An amazing story comes out of our Memphis Children’s Health Project and demonstrates the importance and commitment of the mobile clinic staff. What started as a typical day on the Mobile Medical Clinic quickly turned into a potentially devastating afternoon.  While one student in the clinic began suffering from a severe asthma attack, another student arrived to the principal’s office, also having trouble breathing.  Nurse Terrie Whitfield ensured the first student was treated for his asthma attack but felt that the second student’s symptoms were more serious and insisted that he be taken by paramedics to the Emergency Room.  At the hospital, clinicians detected a blood clot, among other health issues.  Thanks to Nurse Terrie’s insight, the student was able to get the proper treatment and is doing well today. According to the principal of the school, “I can truly say that if [the Le Bonheur staff] had not been there, the results could have been very different and even tragic.”  Check out Le Bonheur’s newsletter for the full story.

A great clip about a new program organized by CHF’s Baton Rouge Children’s Health Project was recently featured on Louisiana’s Channel 9 News.  The project teamed up with Varsity Sports and the Big Buddy Program to promote exercise and overall health among 4th and 5th grade students at an elementary school where our clinic provides services.  Children who laced up and completed a summer running camp were rewardedwith brand new sneakers and other prizes.  The program wasdeveloped to encourage exercise, but also to build self-esteem and help address the obesity problem in Louisiana. 

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