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Kids can't wait

'Kids Can't Wait' for Health Care. Recession Q & A


Children's Health Fund Co-Founder Irwin Redlener, MD answers questions in USA Today about the recession's effect on children, CHF's National Initiative 'Kids Can't Wait', services provided by CHF, and more. 

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CHF Co-Founder Inspires CBS News Series


Inspired by CHF Co-Founder Irwin Redlener, MD, CBS News and USA Today have launched a week-long series "Children of the Recession."  CBS previously covered the launch of CHF's National Initiative 'Kids Can't Wait,' a campaign to raise awareness of the impact of the economic crisis on health care access for children.

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Kids' Health Initiative Starts In Detroit


CBS News

A white paper-titled “The Recession Generation: Detroit’s Children at the Center of the Nation’s Economic Crisis”--from Children’s Health Fund highlights the adverse impact the recession is having on children, especially in the fabled and fading Motor City, Detroit. Read more »

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