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Homeless Health Care

Urgent need for specialist referral in a homeless pediatric population

R Grant, P Sherman, I Redlener. Third International Conference on Urban Health, Oct 2004 Poster. Abstract published in Journal of Urban Health. 2005. Volume 82, page ii45.

Improving the nutrition status of homeless children: Guidelines for homeless family shelters

Kourgialis, Wendel, Darby, R Grant, L Seim, I Redlener. National Health Care for the Homeless, May 2001 Bureau of Primary Health Care


Developed by The Division of Community Pediatrics (DCP), Children’s Hospital at Montefiore and The Children’s Health Fund (CHF). These include: "Homeless Family Facility Nutrition Guidelines”, “Improving the Nutrition Status of Homeless Children: Guidelines for Homeless Family Shelters”, and an appendix providing nutrition resources and internet-based resources, nutrition screening tools and selected examples of “Best Practice” shelters.

Identifying food insecurity in homeless families

P Darby, E Fassberg, P Sherman, R Grant, I Redlener. American Public Health Association, Oct 2001 Poster

Homeless street youth: The foster care connection

A Shapiro, R Grant. American Public Health Association, Nov 2004
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