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Childhood Obesity

An Interdisciplinary, Technology-Based Approach to Increasing Knowledge of Adolescent Obesity

Sally Thompson MSN, CPNP, Carla Triplett PsyD, Sarah Wessler MA. National Initiative for Children’s Healthcare Quality (NICHQ). March 19-21, 2008. Miami FL

Screening for Overweight and Its Consequences in Pediatric Primary Care

R Grant, S Goldsmith, D Krol; A Shapiro; I Redlener. National Initiative for Child Health Quality Mar 2005 Poster

Evaluation of a pediatric weight management program show promising outcomes.

S Goldsmith, A Shapiro, M Larkin, S Arevalo, R Grant. American Public Health Association, Nov. 2007. Poster

Adolescent and Parent Attitudes about Obesity and Behavior Change.

Sandra Goldsmith, MS, RD, Jo Applebaum, MPH, Marian Larkin, MD, Barbara Hackley, CNM, MSN, Ariel Sarmiento, MPH, Alan Shapiro, MD. American Public Health Association. October 25-29, 2008. San Diego, CA.
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