Unfinished Business

More Than 20 Million Children In the US Still Lack Sufficient Access to Essential Health Care

New York, NY (November 21, 2016) – Children’s Health Fund today released a new report titled, “Unfinished Business: More Than 20 Million Children in the U.S. Still Lack Sufficient Access to Essential Health Care.”

The groundbreaking study shows that although Medicaid, the CHIP program and the Affordable Care Act have reduced the number of children without health insurance to a record low of about 3.3 million (from 10+ million in late 90s), the challenge is that a much larger number of children -- more than 20 million (out of a total population of 73 million children 0-18 years of age) -- may have insurance but still experience severe barriers actually getting access to appropriate health care. Read the press announcement here.


The New York Times has covered the report in a major story entitled, "Many Insured Children Lack Essential Health Care, Study Finds." Click here to read the story on the New York Times website.


Dr. Irwin Redlener, President and Co-Founder of Children's Health Fund, appeared on CNN's "New Day" with Chris Cuomo to discuss the results and implications of the new study.  Watch here.

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