TV and Radio Promos

These public service announcements in support of our Healthy and Ready to Learn Initiative are playing across the U.S. in January 2015. The Health and Ready to Learn Initiative is tackling the health problems that keep children—especially those in low-income neighborhoods—from learning.

30-Second TV (English)

30-Second TV (Spanish)

30-Second Radio Promo (English)

30-Second Radio Promo (Spanish)

Patient Story

Isani—A Chance to See

When Isani was in preschool, she had an eye problem that could have permanently damaged her vision. With help from Children's Health Fund, she's now a top student with her eyes set on success.

Campaign Videos

Healthy and Ready to Learn

Brian can't sleep at night because of uncontrolled asthma—and he's not the only member of his class suffering from treatable health problems that interfere with learning.

Healthy and Ready to Learn: Doctors and Educators

Health care and education professionals weigh in on how health problems are affecting children in the classroom.

Every Child a Chance

Our video with Julianne Moore called out the importance of giving Every Child a Chance to thrive.

Our 2013 Every Child a Chance campaign raised awareness of the importance of health to learning.