We bring health care to Children and Families

Wherever they are, whatever their circumstances or income, we go where disadvantaged kids are to give them the care they won't get from anyone else. In cities and towns across America, our network of medical teams bring care to vulnerable children in disadvantaged communities.


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For over 25 years, Children’s Health Fund has been battling barriers to health care for homeless and other low-income children. Out of that fight has come innovative solutions. Our “Blue Bus,” a pediatric mobile medical clinic, draws children and families for curbside checkups and treatments. It may sound unorthodox. When necessary, it is. To ensure underserved children get the health care they need, sometimes caregivers must go to the children. (Click here to explore our health care network)

Learn About Our Comprehensive Medical Home Model

Our comprehensive health care model treats the whole child, taking into consideration the social determinants that affect their health and ensuring they have consistent preventive care and referral to specialists when necessary. This approach enables young patients to thrive -- even if they come from disadvantaged circumstances -- and helps them be healthy and ready to learn so they can fulfill their potential. (Learn more)

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Learn About Group Care for Pregnant Women and New Mothers

A new model of care that brings patients together in group visits with teams of health care providers and educators is showing amazing results for pregnant women and new mothers who face multiple challenges in raising healthy children. (Learn more)

Discover Terra Firma

The groundbreaking Terra Firma project, a program supported by Children's Health Fund, provides health care, mental health support, and legal assistance for unaccompanied immigrant minors, all while building a sense of community for these vulnerable kids. (Learn more)