Hamilton Experience Benefit Inspires Joy

Our annual benefit, a Hamilton Experience, was magical. After a year and a half of social distancing, hundreds of Children’s Health Fund friends got together on November 8, 2021, at TAO Downtown in New York City for a night dedicated to those who have been hit the hardest these last 18 months: children and the healthcare providers who dedicate their lives to keeping them healthy.

We are inspired by what is possible when we come together for children. If you couldn’t join us, it’s not too late to support the event! Every dollar makes a difference for kids.


Here’s what made the evening so amazing:

Amirah Vann

"[Children] are the best of us, the purest of us [...] I want more people to know that they don't have to feel alone anymore. They don't have to feel scared anymore or concerned for their children [...] I'm just super proud of this organization..."

- Our wonderful friend Amirah Vann, actress, How to Get Away With Murder, Underground

Chris Lee

“The pandemic has caused a lot of isolation and at the same time a lot of division. These are some of those beautiful moments when we can come together and hopefully just agree on something and kind of put forward an effort to prioritize the health of our youth [...] This is our future."

- Chris Lee, actor and musician, formerly in the roles of Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson in the Chicago cast of Hamilton

Miguel Cervantes

“My daughter was very ill with epilepsy her whole life. We lost her in October of 2019. So I’m hyper aware of the needs, specifically of children in different health circumstances [...] So any organization, any effort to improve the accessibility or quality of health for folks across the country or wherever, I’m 100 percent behind that because it touches me personally…”

- Miguel Cervantes, Broadway and screen actor, currently playing the title role in Hamilton on Broadway

Dilenia Rodriguez

"They've helped me with my mental health, with my daughter's pre-existing conditions and seeing specialists. Her pediatrician is there and he's amazing. The whole staff has helped out a lot with the food pantry, and I got my vaccine there as well. So many things!"

- Dilenia, mother and patient of the Bronx Health Collective with Montefiore Health System, a partner of Children's Health Fund

Darlene and Jonathan Melk

We were honored to recognize Drs. Darlene and Jonathan Melk with the Irwin Redlener Award for Innovation and Advocacy for their steadfast commitment to providing healthcare to children and families, regardless of their ability to pay. Darlene and Jonathan lead Chiricahua Community Health Centers, Inc. serving a community in southern Arizona on the border with Mexico.

“Very few will ever know the area where we work. This is precisely what makes the donors of Children’s Health Fund so remarkable. You don’t even know them, but you are so willing to help the children and families of this far off land [...] We do not take your help for granted, ever. Your donations really do allow us to innovate and to impact the lives of children. We want you to know that you have not only saved the lives of children, but you have made their lives better and more dignified.” - Dr. Jonathan Melk

Finally, these wonderful performers blessed us with a setlist of Hamilton hits, mashups, and old-school classics.

Billa Camp
Chris Lee 2
Miguel Cervantes and Ta-Tynisa Wilson
Samantha Ware
Ta-Tynisa Wilson
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