Take Health Into Your Hands This Holiday Season

With the holidays approaching and especially in the challenging current environment, I've been thinking about how hard this time of year can be for some people. Although the holidays are a happy time for most, they can often emphasize the feeling of being isolated and alone for many. I especially think about young people and families in our inner cities, including immigrants that don't have the resources to cope.

So as part of my ongoing efforts to support the Children's Health Fund, we have put together an effort this holiday season to raise some funds and make sure young people and their families have access to doctors and mental health professionals.  All kids need a safe place to get help if they are feeling down or struggling with depression. 

I've spoken openly about my own struggles with anxiety in the past and would encourage everyone to do the same, mental health issues are real and help is available.

If you need help, remember you are not alone. Click here for links to caring professionals who will listen to you and help you.

And if you would like to support us in these important efforts please donate and help give the gift of health care to those in need this holiday season. Just click here or on the yellow button to make your gift.

Thank you.


Camila Cabello

Wishing You All Good Things


“I hope that you are feeling happy and healthy this holiday season. We all need to take care of ourselves and one another. And if you are feeling depressed or alone, reach out. Your health is the most important gift you can give your loved ones.” 

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