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Medical Home Initiative

The Medical Home Initiative helps families in low-income areas where medical services are especially scarce, including Austin, Phoenix, Orlando, Los Angeles, Newark and Mississippi.

The shortage of health care workers has hit the countryside hardest. Nearly 25% of the American public, 70 million people, live in rural areas, yet only 10% of doctors practice there. 

The Initiative brings the “medical home” model of care to some of the most isolated U.S. populations. Each patient’s medical team coordinates care to avoid duplication and ensure no detail is lost in the shuffle.

The Mississippi Children’s Health Project is located in the state’s Delta region, where the population consists largely of African American families. Urban areas can be affected too: low-income patients in Central and South Central Phoenix face shortages of doctors.

All of the projects are within federally-designated Health Professional Shortage Areas

In addition to supporting direct patient services, the Initiative helps us continue advocating for poor children living in remote and underserved areas.

The Medical Home Initiative is a Partnership between Sanofi Foundation for North America and Children’s Health Fund.

Patient Story

From the Orlando program: "An uninsured teen visited us this week because she wasn’t feeling well.  When the nurse practitioner asked about her medical history she learned the girl had gone years without seeing a doctor.  A full exam and tests revealed that she might have a metabolic syndrome which could lead to heart disease and diabetes.  Our dietitian got involved to provide counseling and we were able to provide the teen with daily vitamins and iron supplements.  Today, with a healthier diet and ongoing care, she’s feeling a whole lot better."