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Health Information Technology

Information technology is revolutionizing health care in the United States. Children's Health Fund is bringing those advantages to children in low-income communities throughout the United States. This Initiative is funded in part by the Verizon Foundation.

Technology offers the promise of connecting people across divides and sharing information at light speed. The challenge is to extend these capabilities to some of the least-empowered people in our society: children in low-income areas.

Children’s Health Fund has been a leader in bridging the digital gap for over 25 years.  In 1987 we pioneered the use of electronic medical records. Now we're using cutting-edge technology to deliver care in new and exciting ways.

In Florida, a telemedicine pilot project connects kids to specialists miles away in order to provide them with the highest-quality care. In Dallas, Phoenix and San Francisco, we're sending text messages to remind young people to take their medicine and come in to their appointments.  In Detroit, kids are using new electronic tools to manage their asthma.  In almost all our programs, doctors, nurses and other professionals upload test results into electronic health record systems so they can consult with their colleagues to make better decisions faster.

Many of these successes have been made possible through a new partnership with Verizon Foundation, which is helping Children’s Health Fund adapt the newest health information technology to serve children in disadvantaged communities.  In addition, Verizon is equipping our mobile clinics with hardware and software so each program can easily communicate with its own medical affiliate, state immunization registry, and other resources to instantaneously share information.

The Health Information Technology Initiative is funded in part by the Verizon Foundation.