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White Papers

Academic Publications

Putting Guidelines Into Practice: Improving Documentation of Pediatric Asthma Management Using a Decision-Making Tool Alan Shapiro, MD; Delaney Gracy, MD, MPH; Wendy Quinones, BSN, MSN, CPNP; Jo Applebaum, MPH, CPH; Ariel Sarmiento, MPH, CPH. Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine. 2011; 165: 412-418

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Health Care Savings Attributable to Integrating Guidelines-based Asthma Care in the Pediatric Medical Home Roy Grant, M.A. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, Volume 21, Number 2, Supplement, pp. 82-92 (Article)

Asthma among homeless children: undercounting and undertreating the underserved D McLean, S Bowen, K Drezner, A Rowe, P Sherman, Schroeder, K Redlener, I Redlener. Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. 2004. Volume 158, pages 244-249.

Conference Publications

A comprehensive plan to improve pediatric asthma management in the Anacostia community of Washington D.C. R Harris, A Brito, M Montero, L Seim, R Grant. American Public Health Association, Nov 2007. Abstract
Improving outcomes for pediatric patients with asthma by incorporating subspecialty medical care in the primary care practice. R Harris, L Seim, S Robinson, R Grant. American Public Health Association, Nov. 2006. Round Table
Asthma education for all: increasing community awareness through educational workshops for children and adults. B Perez-Rivera, N Langston-Davis. American Public Health Association, Nov. 2006. Poster
Interactive programming to teach students about asthma through music B Perez-Rivera, N Langston-Davis, I Santana. American Public Health Association, Nov. 2006. Poster
Screening for maternal depression as part of comprehensive asthma care for homeless pediatric patients R Grant, S Bowen, L Lynch, A Shapiro, I Redlener. Third International Conference on Urban Health, Oct 2004 Poster. Abstract published in, Journal of Urban Health. 2005. Volume 82, page ii47.
Uncovering allergic sensitization among asthmatics at a South Bronx primary care clinic S Bowen, R Grant, A Rowe, A Shapiro, C Manzano. American Public Health Association, Nov 2004
Psychosocial issues in the treatment of asthma in a high-risk pediatric population R Grant, L Lynch, S Bowen, K Drezner. National Conference on Asthma, June 2003
Use of the NHLBI guidelines to reduce asthma morbidity in an inner city population S Bown, R Grant, K Drezner, A Shapiro. National Conference on Asthma, June 2003
Issues in the treatment of mild-persistent asthma among homeless children SK Bowen, R Grant, D McLean, K Drezner, I Redlener. ATS, May 2003 Poster