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When the Helpers Need Help: The Brooklyn Eagle Covers our Post-Sandy Workshop

The Brooklyn Eagle sent a reporter to our Compassion Fatigue workshop in Gerritsen Beach for social workers, mental health professionals, activists and others who are participating in Superstorm Sandy recovery.
More than a year after the storm, local families are still feeling the financial and emotional impacts. Some are still in the process of repairing their houses; others who finished the repairs are now dealing with mold. Many have spent down their savings or accumulated debt.
Caregivers in the area may be facing these problems themselves while trying to help others deal with them too. That's a recipe for Compassion Fatigue - the exhaustion that can set in after many months of trying to help.
Psychologist Dr. Paula Madrid offered tips on how to recognize and fight the problem. "There are ways to cope,” she told the audience. “The key is: you need to balance your life.”