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Meet Chloe

Chloe was six-years-old when she first visted the Children’s Health Fund program in the Mississippi Gulf Coast with her mother.

Chloe had a history of severe eczema since infancy.  She was previously seen and treated by numerous providers and emergency room doctors who gave her medications and creams, but had little success in improving her condition.

Chloe was embarrassed by the way she looked and didn’t like to be seen in public or play with other children. Her symptoms were so severe she often missed several days of school a week and was even sent home from school regularly because of bleeding and discomfort. Her eczema was so severe it would often get infected.

Prior to her meeting Dr. Persharon Dixon, CHF’s Medical Director and the rest of the team at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Children’s Health Project, no one had ever suggested she be tested for food allergies, a common cause of eczema.

Dr. Dixon suggested trying an elimination diet and starting out by removing dairy from Chloe’s diet. Within 1 week, Chloe showed dramatic improvements. She was able to attend school without having to leave, was sleeping through the night—something she had not been able to do because of itching, and she was acting like a normal, happy, healthy child.