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Check-in for Checkups

Checkin for Check-ups

Every Healthy Habit Counts

The Check-in for Checkups program aimed to show people how healthy habits can help benefit their own personal well-being and contribute to the lives of disadvantaged children at the same time. Ensuring that everyone is getting regular checkups and practicing other healthy habits can impact an entire family and everyone in the surrounding communities.

Bethenny Frankel, supporter of the Check-in for Checkups program.

New York Times bestselling author Bethenny Frankel teamed up with Children's Health Fund and Clorox to challenge America to make healthy choices that benefit themselves and their families, while simultaneously helping provide half a million health care visits to disadvantaged children across the country.  Bethenny took to the streets of New York to help kick off the program. Her on-going support included sharing her Healthy Habits on social networks (like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) and checking them in on a website dedicated to the program.