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Clorox and Children’s Health Fund share a unique mission to support the health and wellness of children and families across the country.  As part of its commitment to preventive health for families, Clorox is donating half a million dollars to Children's Health Fund (CHF) over a two year period. The contribution will help support half a million health care visits CHF's programs will provide to disadvantaged children across the country.

Together, we believe that preventive health care and everyday healthy habits are key ingredients when it comes to helping kids grow up healthy.

Connect Kids to Care

In 2010, CHF and Clorox kicked off the partnership with Connect Kids to Care, a program that rallied people across the country to the cause and created awareness of the fact that many children in America are not receiving the quality health care they need and deserve.  Clorox donated an additional $100,000 to CHF when we reached our goal of 100,000 “likes” on Clorox’s Facebook page. Read more »


Checkin for Check Ups

Checkin for Checkups

In 2011, CHF and Clorox are proud to extend our partnership with Check-in for Checkups. Check-in for Checkups challenges America to make healthy choices that benefit themselves and their families, while simultaneously contributing to the lives of others. Read more »