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Family Asthma Guide

This increasingly popular guide is published annually by Children's Health Fund and has earned its reputation as a valuable tool for health care providers as well as parents and families. The Guide has been recently updated, and includes an English and Spanish version.

The Family Asthma Guide is produced in accordance with low literacy writing and design conventions. Authors strive to incorporate ethnic and cultural diversity into all content and illustrations. Materials are field tested within Children Health Fund's National Network and are reviewed by a medical anthropologist for cross-cultural appropriateness, and health care professionals for safety.

The Children's Health Fund Family Asthma Guide is made possible by a grant from American Idol "Idol Gives Back".

The Guide is available below in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Click here if you need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Family Asthma Guide (English) 2.9MB
Guía Familiar sobre el Asma (Spanish) 3.0MB