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Their smiles are in good hands at our Idaho project, where pediatric dentistry is a specialty.


A Cost-Conscious Patient

Every once and a while we see a family who has children who understand poverty.  The other day we had a family call with a child in pain. The family had to wait for the father to get home so they would have access to a car. They arrived at the end of the day just before we were scheduled to close.  This little girl had never been to the dentist. As I examined her I found that she had several areas of decay.  The tooth that was bothering her was and adult tooth in need of a possible root canal.  After telling the family about our findings the little girl looked at her father and said in Spanish, “but only this one hurts, we only need to fix this one.” The way that this cute little girl spoke made it seem to me that she knew that the family’s budget was tight. Not requiring anything from the family at that time, we were able to treat the offending tooth, and help get this little girl out of pain. We offered to see them and fix the other teeth, telling them that we would work with them however we could to help prevent any further toothaches. For this, the family was grateful.

Repairing Smiles is What We Do

Sometimes trees and teeth don't mix.  A while back we received a call from a school, where a young man had fallen from a branch and broken his front tooth. His mom brought him over to see us.  Luckily for him the tooth did not have an exposed nerve.  We were able to help restore his tooth so he could go back to school the next day.

The family that brushes together…

A new set of teeth that we are going to keep decay free!  When Sarah first started bringing her kids to the mobile clinic, she had only three.  Two of these little ones had decay already. The youngest was still a baby and she was decay free. We got their restorative work completed, educated the family, and encouraged them to live decay free. Now there are four children in the family. When they come to the office they are all maintaining good oral health.  Even mom has become a faithful patient! :)


Children's Health Fund's Idaho project provides medical, dental and behavioral health care to low income, uninsured and medically uninsured children and their families in rural communities throughout South Central Idaho.

Our Idaho program's patient population is comprised of low-income, uninsured families during the school year, and expands to include migrant seasonal farm workers during the summer months. Many of these patients have limited access to health care, frequently due to lack of public transportation in the area. Given the rural location, some patients are as far as an hour away from a care facility. In addition to a lack of transportation, many patients, including migrant workers and their families, experience language and cultural barriers to health care. 

Home Institution/Affiliation 
Family Health Services, Twin Falls, Idaho. Affiliated with St. Luke's Hospital, Boise, ID; University of Utah Health Sciences Center, Salt Lake City, UT
Available services 
  • Medical Services:
  • Comprehensive primary care, including well child/adult examinations;
  • Management of acute and chronic illnesses;
  • Screenings, including vision and hearing testing;
  • Family planning services; and
  • Health and nutrition education.
  • Behavioral Health Services:
  • Psychiatric and developmental testing;
  • Counseling services; and
  • Medication management.
  • Dental Services:
  • Comprehensive oral health care;
  • Screening and dental exams;
  • Digital x-rays;
  • Oral health education; and
  • Specialist referrals.
Special initiatives 
Program Fact sheet