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Putting Child Poverty on the National Agenda

With 22% of U.S. children living in poverty and millions of kids still uninsured, Children Health Fund’s focus during 2012 campaign season was to ensure that children’s voices were represented. This is why Children's Health Fund's President and Co-founder Dr. Irwin Redlener organized and led a coalition of six child advocacy leaders urging President Obama and Governor Romney to outline how they planned to address both the urgent short term and challenging long term needs of children. 

Dr. Redlener was joined by Mark Shriver of Save the Children; Billy Shore of Share Our Strength/NoKidHungry; Geoffrey Canada of Harlem Children's Zone; Michael Petit of Every Child Maters; and Bruce Lesley of First Focus in putting pressure on the candidates to speak about their plans for kids. Through our collective efforts, including many child advocates who joined with us and wrote the campaigns, the media, as well as the candidates themselves and their VP’s, began talking about poverty.

In his 2013 State of the Union address, President Obama apparently picked upon the conversation put forth by the Child Leadership Group, signaling poverty as a key theme for the nation going forward.

Children's Health Fund and the Child Leadership Group will continue to advocate in Washington, DC to ensure children are a national priority.