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Connect with Dr. Shapiro


"For me the heart of my work is to help children reach their potential.  The way we cn do that is by providing the best health care we can.  By doing that it gives children the advantage of having excellent health so they have that one foot up and can get ahead.  Asthma, whatever it may be that is plaguing them - its not a barrier to them reaching their full potential. 

And, for me that's the heart of what we do."


"We work on a mobile clinic in homeless shelter settings.  So, I think what's great for kids is it almost feels fun to come to the doctors.  It's like, 'WOW, we're going on this big blue mobile van, this is great!'  So it already makes them feel comfortable about coming to the doctor.

And, when we work on a mobile medical clinic, we can do everything you can do in a health center.  We're just doing it in smaller quarters and somewhat of an unusual setting.  If I have an asthmatic child, I can treat them.  We do vaccines, vision and hearing screnings.  But the beauty of it is that we're BRINGING medical services to children who are homeless.  Think about it...that's an incredible concept.  That's something stable in their life."