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Mental Health & Resiliency Tools


Community Support and Resiliency Program (CSRP) provides children and families in the Gulf with critically needed mental health services in their affected communities. CSRP mobile mental health units are specially designed to help our programs in Gulfport/Biloxi, MS; New Orleans, LA and Baton Rouge, LA.

Children's Health Fund (CHF) has not only supported much needed therapy for children through our specially outfitted Community Support and Resiliency Program (CSRP) mobile units but has also provided critically needed professional support and training for mental health providers throughout Mississippi and Louisiana.

Our programs are supporting innovative services to help children and families cope with the ongoing aftermath of this disaster. We are collaborating with an internationally recognized organization to bring art therapy programs for children in post-disaster situations to the Gulf. In addition, we are providing specially designed “Coping Boxes” to children receiving therapy as a tangible, therapeutic tool to help in their developmental and psychodynamic therapy.

Surveying School Health Needs

Children's Health Fund conducted a survey of the school-based mental health practitioners in the state of Louisiana in the Spring of 2006 regarding the needs of their students and the mental/behavioral health conditions as they related to the influx of students from hurricane-ravaged areas. The survey findings revealed that mental health concerns are among the most important effects among those impacted by Hurricane Katrina. The need for mental health services has skyrocketed while resources remained limited; leaving a growing proportion of all mental health needs unaddressed.