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Health Care for Hispanic Children Initiative

Through its Health Care for Hispanic Children Initiative, Children’s Health Fund (CHF) works to ensure that medically underserved children in Hispanic communities have access to comprehensive and appropriate health care. Within CHF’s National Program, large Hispanic communities are located in New York CityDallas and Austin, TX; South Central Idaho; Los Angeles, CA; Newark, NJ; Phoenix, AZ; and Orlando and Miami-Dade County, FL.

Nationwide, hispanic persons experience significant health disparities in terms of health status and access to care. Hispanic children are nearly two times more likely (22.7%) than all children (11.6%) to lack insurance. In comparison, only 7.8% of non-Hispanic white children lack insurance. The Health Care for Hispanic Children Initiative focus on communities where many Hispanic families are recently immigrated and uninsured.

Children's Health Fund has significant experience providing culturally competent, comprehensive primary care, with documented success in serving hard-to-reach families, particularly in Hispanic communities. Project teams are committed to making medical care, health education, and enhanced outreach services readily available. In addition, CHF has developed culturally appropriate health education materials, in Spanish and English, which are distributed throughout the National Network.

The Health Care for Hispanic Children Initiative supports expanded activities by bilingual social workers and medical providers, including the delivery of culturally sensitive care, broad outreach to Hispanic communities; the dissemination of bilingual health education materials; and the facilitation of Medicaid and SCHIP enrollment.  An assessment tool for evaluating services at CHF projects is being created and reviewed by a medical anthropologist specializing in cultural competency.