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Community-based Centers of Excellence

The Community-based Centers of Excellence Initiative expands access to comprehensive, culturally sensitive health care for underserved populations and creates effective programs in response to clinical challenges, through innovative interventions, staff enhancements, program evaluation, and measurable outcomes management. Children's Health Fund (CHF) both redefines the primary care model and serves as a health services model for community health centers across the country.

The Children's Health Fund has expanded provider capacity in its New York City programs to increase access to care to underserved families and has enhanced comprehensive clinical care in the areas of:

  • childhood asthma management;
  • pediatric obesity management and diabetes type II prevention;
  • HIV/AIDS prevention and management; and
  • perinatal health care.

Children's Health Fund recognizes the benefits of providing a “medical home” with a holistic approach to care in order to successfully meet the needs of high risk children and families. Comprehensive primary care is supplemented with access to mental health services since depression and trauma are prevalent among our patients. In addition, culturally sensitive health education interventions and low-literacy Spanish/English materials are being developed to enhance the four clinical focus areas.

Significant to the success of the Community-based Centers of Excellence Initiative is the ability to produce measurable outcomes that can be replicated at other community-based agencies. A research team from The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services established an evaluation model to determine the effectiveness of CHF’s innovative interventions. In 9 out of 10 clinical measures, the South Bronx Health Center for Children and Families (SBHCCF) outperformed local, state and national averages.  For example, 100% of children with persistent asthma at SBHCCF are on controller medications, 98% of women receiving pre-natal care at the Center were screened for HIV at their first or second pre-natal visit and 90% of all adult women patients were screened for cervical cancer within a three year period.

The Community-based Centers of Excellence is a partnership between The United Health Foundation and the Children’s Health Fund.