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Special Initiatives

When children lack adequate health care, their problems compound. Disadvantaged children are more frequently affected by asthma. They are more likely to be overweight and at risk for type 2 diabetes. Hearing loss is less likely to be detected early, contributing to learning problems. Medically underserved children are less likely to have the specialist care they need.

Relevant now more than ever, Children's Health Fund (CHF)'s Special Health Initiatives targeting underserved, at-risk infants, children and youth are being defined in measurable and pragmatic ways, allowing busy practitioners to do their clinical work while simultaneously providing them with the tools that will help them accurately measure their successes and self-evaluate their work on an on-going basis.  Specifically, the role of the interdisciplinary team in delivering cost-effective care in an enhanced medical home model that focuses on true integration and access to needed sub-specialty care and community services needs to be measured, described and disseminated. 

Innovative Health Care Interventions

For each of these problems, and others too, CHF has developed innovative health care interventions. Many of our special initiatives are unique efforts developed with funding from private-sector partners. Through these programs, we find solutions to dire problems of children we serve.

Equally important, we share what works. At national conferences and through professional papers, CHF disseminates information on new tools and procedures for conditions that compromise children’s health or interfere with school success. Our special initiatives broaden knowledge within the medical and educational fields about conditions that disproportionally affect underserved children. Outreach and advocacy efforts also increase public, family and patient awareness of these issues while encouraging healthier lifestyles for all. CHF’s Special Health Initiatives and programs include:

Child Health Care Transportation Initiative
Childhood Asthma Initiative
Community-based Centers of Excellence
Electronic Health Record Initiative
Health Care for Hispanic Children Initiative
Medical Home Initiative
Referral Management Initiative
Starting Right Initiative
Urban Health Initiative

Other Health Care Programs

The Reading Project - Distributes books to children and parents throughout the New York City Flagship programs.

Training Tomorrow's Professionals - Introduces pediatric residents and public health students to Children's Health Fund community-based programs and advocacy activities.