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Check-in for Checkups

Checkin for Check-ups

Every Healthy Habit Counts


Clorox and Children’s Health Fund share a unique mission to support the health and wellness of children and families across the country.  As part of its commitment to preventive health for families, Clorox is donating half a million dollars to Children's Health Fund (CHF) over a two year period. The contribution will help support half a million health care visits CHF's programs will provide to disadvantaged children across the country.

Connect with Dr. Tolentino

"I've been working with the program since 1998.  I've been here more than 10 years and I feel that it's very rewarding to work with the program partly because I feel its complete in the sense of being a physician.  I'm not only taking care of the medical aspect of the patients, but also their psychosocial problems, the mental aspect.

Connect with Dr. Shapiro


Connect Kids to Care

Children's Health Fund (CHF) and The Clorox Company partnered to create Connect Kids to Care, the first part of a multi-year program that supports CHF’s goal of providing half a million health care visits to kids in need and empowering people across the country to be a part of the progress.

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