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Academic Publications

Asthma Among the Homeless: An Update

R Grant, S Bowen, D McClean, D Berman, K Redlener, I Redlener. American Journal of Public Health, 2007:97 (3), 448-450

The Health of Homeless Children Revisited

R Grant, A Shapiro, S Joseph, S Goldsmith, L Rigual-Lynch, I Redlener. Advances in Pediatrics, 2007: 54, 173-187.

Otitis media and early development in a high risk pediatric population

R Grant, L Lynch, P Sherman, I Redlener. Seventh National Head Start Research Conference, June 2004 Poster. Published in, 2005. Washington DC: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Head Start Bureau, pages 567-568.

Children and Megadisasters: Lessons Learned in the New Millennium

A Garrett, R Grant, P Madrid, A Brito, D Abramson, I Redlener. Advances in Pediatrics. 2007: 54, 189-214.
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