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Health Barriers to Learning and the Education Opportunity Gap

By Charles E. Basch, PhD; Delaney Gracy, MD, MPH; Dennis Johnson, MPS; Anupa Fabian, MPA

Health Barriers to Learning: A Survey of New York City Public School Leadership

Delaney Gracy, MD, MPH; Roy Grant; Grifin Goldsmith, MPH; Anupa Fabian, MPA; Lori Peek, PhD; Irwin E. Redlener, MD

Twenty five years of child and family homelessness: Where are we now?

Roy Grant MA; Delaney Gracy MD, MPH; Grifin Goldsmith MPH; Alan Shapiro MD; Irwin E. Redlener MD. American Journal of Public Health. 2013 Oct 22. [Epublished ahead of print, e1-e10.]

The Health Transportation Shortage Index: A New Tool to Identify Underserved Communities.

Roy Grant MA; Dennis Johnson MPS; Stephen Borders PhD; Delaney Gracy MD, MPH; Irwin Redlener MD. May 2012
Hard copies are available by request: contact

Bridging Mental Health and Medical Care in Underserved Pediatric Populations: Three Integrative Models

Arturo Brito MD, MPH, Adrian Khaw MD, Gladys Campa, LMHC, Anai Cuadra, PhD, Sharon Joseph, MD, Lourdes Rigual-Lynch, PhD, Alina Olteanu, MD, PhD, Alan Shapiro, MD, Roy Grant, MA. Advances in Pediatrics. 2010; 57: 295–313.

Putting Guidelines Into Practice: Improving Documentation of Pediatric Asthma Management Using a Decision-Making Tool

Alan Shapiro, MD; Delaney Gracy, MD, MPH; Wendy Quinones, BSN, MSN, CPNP; Jo Applebaum, MPH, CPH; Ariel Sarmiento, MPH, CPH. Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine. 2011; 165: 412-418

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