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Red Nose Day Coverage Highlights Children's Health Fund


Red Nose Day, the wildly popular British TV fundraising event that just made its American debut, featured a story about Children's Health Fund. In it, Blake Shelton, a star of NBC's The Voice, spent time with staff and patients aboard our Los Angeles mobile clinic. But that was just a fraction of the exposure we received as a Red Nose Day partner! Here's more:

Health Hero in the Schoolyard


The first person students see as they pour into the Eagle School most mornings is Barbara Alicea—laughing, doling out hugs, and chatting in a rapid-fire patter in the lobby.

“Hello Miss Fashionista!” she calls out to a youngster with elaborate beaded braids. “You’re looking nice today!” She greets others with a sunny “Buenos días, good morning!”

Hope for the Homeless


Just as Ana* and her toddler son, Robert, were finally breathing a sigh of relief after having settled into a family homeless shelter, the young mother received a letter saying their public assistance case had been closed. Ana feared she and the baby would be forced into the streets and this heightened her existing depression and anxiety …

A Laser-Like Focus on Health Barriers to Learning

Irwin Redlener, MD

For almost three decades, Children’s Health Fund has been bringing mobile pediatric clinics to schools across the country so kids in need can have access to health care. Our goal has always been to make sure that children are healthy, so they can learn and thrive. But time and again, we were seeing health conditions—like vision problems and asthma that are readily treated and resolved—hold kids back in the classroom.

Out of Medicine, Out of School: Getting Asthma Under Control Keeps Kids in Class


At age four, José was already in danger of falling behind in school. The reason? Asthma.

The preschooler from Austin, Texas takes numerous medications for asthma and allergies. But when his mother’s Medicaid benefits lapsed and she ran out of medicines for José, she couldn’t afford to pay for them herself.

Don't Hesitate to Vaccinate, Dr. Redlener Urges Parents


With measles outbreaks in more than a dozen states, the media has been turning to Children’s Health Fund president Dr. Irwin Redlener for expert pediatric advice. He is urging parents to make sure their children are vaccinated against this highly contagious disease.

More Baby Health Videos from Dr. Delaney Gracy


When should you worry about your child's cough? What does poison ivy look like on a baby? Parents Magazine has released a second series of infant health videos starring Children's Health Fund Chief Medical Officer Delaney Gracy, MD.

These health tips are a followup to their popular 2014 series of baby health videos.

Healthy and Ready to Learn Initiative Looks to the Future


Children’s Health Fund President and Co-Founder Irwin Redlener speaks at the roundtable

“The challenges we face going forward as a country are enormous. The last thing we can stand to waste is the potential of children.”

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