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This Year, Give the Gift of Health Care

by Karen Redlener, Executive Director, Children's Health Fund

Every day, doctors and nurses at Children's Health Fund (CHF) programs across the country hear words of thanks from patients and their families.  Marcus Gondella*, father of two, who lost his job and his family’s health insurance along with it said of CHF’s care, “You gave us back our dignity. My wife and I were so relieved that we could take our sons to your mobile clinic for their immunizations, school physicals and to keep our youngest boy’s asthma under control. Getting this high level of care means a lot to us and makes our whole situation a lot easier to deal with.”  Children rely on CHF programs to get the health care they need.Families like the Gondella’s rely on CHF to get health care.  Without our programs and access to regular health care, common ailments like asthma or cavities can lead to bigger problems if left untreated. 

Unfortunately, there are many more children who need our help, and yours.  You can be a part of our efforts to help more children grow up healthy by making a generous gift now.   And the best part is CHF’s Co-founder, Paul Simon, has pledged to match new and increased donations to Children's Health Fund.  So a $25 gift can become a $50 donation to Children's Health Fund! 

Please click here to make a gift now and help us continue delivering services.  Thank you for your support of Children's Health Fund and the children we serve.

*To protect the patient’s privacy, his name has been changed. Patient in the photo above is not the patient represented in the story.