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Yankees Hit a Home Run with CHF!

by Caitlin McFeely, Communications Associate, Children's Health Fund

I’m a huge Yankees fan – in my family, you are born one.  Given the extent of my loyalty, you can imagine how excited I was when I started working at CHF and learned about CHF’s Yankees Home Run Club.  The club was started by Yankee legend Don Mattingly (Donnie Baseball!) in 1988 to raise money and awareness for CHF’s programs.  Over the years, thanks to the generous support of loyal Yankee/CHF fans, the Club has grown to over 60 members and has raised more than a million dollars! 

It’s a win/win for both the Yankees and CHF – the more homeruns they hit, the more money CHF programs will receive to help provide health care to America’s most underserved children. Other captains have included centerfielder Bernie Williams and left-fielder Johnny Damon. Check out some great pictures of all of our captains in our Home Run Club album on CHF’s Facebook page.

I also wanted to bring your attention to a Home Run Club member that has been writing about CHFon his blog, Respect Jeter’s Gangster.  He’s one of our many loyal supporters and has even challenged his friends/readers to join the Club!  Thanks RJG!!

Enjoy your weekend and let’s hope the Yankees will hit some Home Runs tonight versus the Twins!