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Why the Crews’n Healthmobile Loves Our Electronic Health Record and You Should Too!

by Randy Christensen, MD, Medical Director, Phoenix Children's Health Project

The Phoenix Children’s Health Project’s Crews’n Healthmobile is a 38 foot mobile medical unit that circles Phoenix and surrounding cities taking care of homeless children and adolescents.  For much of the day it is away from our “offices” and as such carries all that we need to provide comprehensive care to this vulnerable population.  As you might expect keeping medical records for this type of practice might be a little difficult. It was! I remember thinking about the day we could install our Electronic Health Records (EHR) system. Through the efforts of Children’s Health Fund we were finally able to realize that dream. 

Since that time EHR has proven to be an essential and vital part of our work. In fact, it has been the most beneficial step we have taken to ensure state of the art care for our kids. The majority of our patients are homeless and their surroundings change sporadically and frequently, so one week they may be cared for at one of the sites we serve and the next week, end up at a site on the opposite side of the city. As our program and patient base expanded, so did our need. Fortunately we have been able to meet that need thanks in large part to our Electronic Health Records.  Check out a recent article on the Department of Health and Human Services website which explains in detail how PCHP eventually came to implementing and enhancing our system. We love it, and even more than that, our patients love it!