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Take Action! Make Kids a National Priority!

By Caroline DeRosa,Senior Director, Policy and Advocacy, Children's Health Fund

When President Obama delivered his State of the Union address naturally the economy was a key point. We heard the President's plans and proposals to remedy the economic struggles we are facing as a nation. We know first-hand that the economy has been particularly harsh on children and their families and recovery efforts are a very important step in the right direction. We commend the president for his leadership on that front.

Unfortunately, the president's speech did not include a demand to Congress for their unwavering support in making children a national priority.   Also, noticeably absent was the president's personal commitment to strengthen child-focused safety-net programs, like Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Now more than ever, children depend on programs like Medicaid and CHIP to access essential health services. Children count on us—you and me—to help protect these programs from budget cuts.  We must demand from Congress what the President did not: Children must be a priority.

This year, Congress will again have to make difficult decisions on federal budget priorities. Programs meant to address the nutrition, education and healthcare needs of millions of children will face cuts in funding.  Just think of it: an entire generation of Americans will rise or fall depending on what we do today.

It is critically important that Members of Congress hear from us, their constituents.

Speak UpWrite to your local representatives now.  Let them know that you will be watching their actions regarding the federal budget. Tell them that children are our nation’s most valuable resource and must be our first priority.