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Supreme Court and Health Law: What’s at Stake for Kids

by Caroline DeRosa, Senior Director, Policy & Advocacy

In the coming months, the U.S. Supreme Court will decide on the constitutionality of the Affordability Care Act (ACA).  Provisions being looked at include the law’s expansion of Medicaid and the “individual mandate” that requires that everyone, including all children, have insurance coverage. The court will also consider whether striking a key provision of the law, in turn means that the whole law must be repealed or re-written.

Children’s Health Fund strongly supports the health reform law, as many of the provisions greatly benefit children by providing health insurance coverage to those that are uninsured and better access and quality of care to those who already have coverage.  

Our hope is that the Court’s decisions do not roll-back the hard won progress ACA has made possible and. To read more about how the law will improve the lives of millions of kids, click here. 

In addition, though the Supreme Court won’t hand down its final decisions until June or July, some Members of Congress may attempt to leverage the focus on the Court’s proceedings to build congressional momentum to legislatively repeal some or all of the law.

This week Medical Directors from our programs around the United States will visit Washington DC to speak with their Members of Congress, sharing stories about the families they serve, and encouraging them to make the health and well-being of children a national priority. 

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